Who We Help


We try to help every child, regardless of their family’s financial situation. We focus our outreach efforts primarily on two groups; parents and medical professionals.


The parents of disabled children are our primary clients; they are closest to the kids that we aim to help. Often, the parents and caregivers of disabled children are overworked and overstressed, with few outlets available to help them. As a result, they often have difficulty finding home health services on their own. That’s where we come in — helping parents get in touch with the assistance they require to have their kids living at home with home care and all the ancillary details required to keep them home.


Medical Professionals

Our other primary outreach clients include medical professionals. We try to get the word out to all medical professionals that deal with the children that we focus on, in order to make sure that they can recommend our services to parents. Often, parents of disabled children have medical professionals that they rely on, and having them recommend our services makes another way that parents can get help without having to seek it out on their own.