Special Education Classes: Is Your Child Eligible?

12 Aug Special Education Classes: Is Your Child Eligible?

disabled childrenChildren with disabilities need special quality care to help them with the proper development. According to the U.S. Census, one in every 26 American families reported that they were raising a child with a disability. Today, one out of nine children under the age of 18 receives special education services. However, not all disabled children will qualify for special education. If you believe your child may need special attention to succeed in their schooling, here are a few ways to identify whether or not your child may be eligible for a class dedicated to children with special needs.

Failing grades are one of the first signs that your child may need special education courses. Talk to your child about how they feel about their school work, and assess whether or not they feel comfortable with their current curriculum. Ask them if they have difficulty following the teacher in class, or if they ever feel like they are falling behind.

If your child often gets in trouble during class, or is receiving a lot of detentions or suspensions, this may be a sign that they need more specialized attention from a special education teacher. Children who are antisocial, or have trouble making friends, may be more comfortable in a special education setting, where they are placed with a more intimate group and can more easily make connections.

As the younger population continues to grow, more and more children are being diagnosed with disabilities. Of the 53.9 million school-aged children between the ages of 5 and 17, about 2.8 million were reported as having a disability in 2010. Special education services are one of the best ways to ensure your disabled child gets the right care and attention they need to develop properly. If you believe your child may be eligible for special education classes, contact your child’s school to learn more about your child’s options.

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