How to Ensure Your Child Gets the Care They Need

30 Sep How to Ensure Your Child Gets the Care They Need

medical careIf you have kids, you likely only want the absolute best for them. So when you’re looking for adequate child care, it can be a difficult decision. It may seem like nothing will ever be good enough for your child. This can be especially true if you have medically vulnerable children or children with special needs. It adds another piece to an already complex puzzle. Read on for some tips on choosing quality care, no matter what.

The biggest issue that often arises with this is that you aren’t just looking for child care. You’re looking for child care plus medical care, which can be a difficult combination to find. With about 2.8 million children with disabilities out of the 53.9 million school-age children, you would think it would be easier. About one out of every nine children are now receiving special education services.

The biggest thing to look for is medical care. It should be the first thing you look at, because if the health care isn’t there, it doesn’t matter what education services they provide. This will weed out many options, giving you a clearer focus group to look at. Once you’ve done that, you can move to the next step.

After medical care, consider what kind of education your child needs. Compare that with the education that you want for your child, create a “wish list,” and continue with your search. This will allow you to quickly move between options, so you can throw out the ones that don’t match up quickly. Once you’ve gotten down to a few options, arrange meetings with the remaining choices. Seeing their facilities, talking to the staff, and being able to see their approach will allow you to make your final choice.

What do you think about this combination of medical care and education? Is it something we need to focus more on? Let us know your thoughts, comments, questions, or concerns!

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