Caring For a Child With autism

15 Feb Caring For a Child With autism

caregiversDid you know that of the some 2.8 million U.S. children who have disabilities, a reported one in 88 have autism, a complex genetic disorder, whose symptoms are diagnosed on a spectrum?

Autism interferes with an individual’s ability to not only communicate and relate to others, but also interferes with the ability to be independent and perform basic tasks. These disorders are typically prescribed on a spectrum, ranging from individuals with mild symptoms to children who are entirely nonverbal and isolated due to a preoccupation with self-stimulating behaviors.

Regardless of where a child with autism is on the spectrum, they are typically in need of care — both at home and in school. When children have a disability, they have to obtain an individualized education plan (IEP) through their school in order to receive the appropriate support. Currently, one out of nine children in the U.S. receive special education services.

But what about at home? As any parent who has a child with autism will tell you, caring for both their physical and emotional needs is a full-time job. Don’t worry, though. You can handle it. Here are a few, important tips to help you give care to your special needs children:

Seek Support
One of the most important things to realize is that you are not alone. There are countless families across the nation dealing with similar situations. Finding a support group or organization for families with autism is an important first step in finding the support and solidarity that will help get you through.

Educate Yourself
Educate yourself by reading, talking to other parents of children with disabilities, and consulting specialists. Being fully aware of your child’s condition is absolutely essential to caring for a child with autism.

Create a Safe Space in Routine
Your home should be a safe space for your child with autism, so make sure it’s an area of control, routine, and peace.

It’s Okay to Ask For Help
With work, familial duties, and everything else on your plate, caring for a child with autism can be overwhelming. Consequently, many families enlist in the help of professional caregivers to provide quality care and assistance at home. Caregivers know and understand the needs of your child, and aim to make you and your family’s life as stress-free as possible.

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